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oh hey, an update

2013-02-18 15:26:08 by skarl3tte

Hi there, I just wanted to say thanks to all the people who vote, comment and fave my work. I like Newgrounds because I feel like it has a good community of artists that offers constructive criticism (despite it's reputation for the opposite) and I feel like I get more exposure here. That being said, I still prefer Deviantart because I mainly do art, and DA is second to none in the way it handles submissions, critique, and community. So if you want to see all my work, you should head over there.

I don't come on newgrounds nearly as much as I used to, but that's mainly because I don't animate any more. My passions have shifted to illustration and sequential art. I will always love animation, and I might do a few personal projects in the near future, but it probably won't be my career path. Right now, I'm studying graphic design and this summer I'm hoping to get my graphic novel published.

I guess the point of this journal is basically to say thanks to the people on NG, even though I don't login or animate that often. So yeah.

/end awkward rant


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2013-02-18 16:38:41

I love your art.


2013-02-18 16:51:23

You're awesome! I saw your works and they're beautiful!


2013-02-18 16:54:53

Do keep coming back. This site is cool central.


2013-02-18 21:35:27

Keep doing working hard, as we're thankful for what you do submit here!